The Adult Literary Tutoring Program

Our Adult Literacy Tutoring Program is a core program where adults 18 years of age and older can get help with basic reading, writing, math, and computer literacy.

Adults struggling with literacy skills can seek us out independently or may be referred to us from other organizations. We try to accommodate any adult with a learning need and a desire to address that need. A trained professional assesses a Learner’s skills and requirements. Following this evaluation, Learners are paired with an appropriate volunteer Tutor. The Learner and Tutor agree specific learning goals and a plan of action. They agree on when and where they will meet. These sessions are usually weekly, in a public venue and always one-on-one. The Learner’s progress is monitored and evaluated by the Tutor and by our Adult Co-ordinator to ensure goals are being met and progress is achieved.

Our goal is to help adults who struggle with literacy to become more confident and skilled and thus able to function more effectively in today’s economy.

For more information about this program, please contact our office. We are always on the lookout for volunteers who are willing to commit a few hours a week to this worthwhile activity.

The Vancouver Island Correctional Centre Program

VLC operates a special program focused on adult literacy at the Vancouver Island Correctional Centre on Wilkinson Road, where inmates work toward high school equivalency or develop educational related skills. Volunteers, under the direction of a professional teacher employed by the Cowichan School District, help inmates with formal classroom work related to high school graduation or other personal education programs. Some tutors work one-on-one with inmates who require additional tutoring, while others support in a classroom setting.

This is a challenging yet highly rewarding program. If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor, please contact our office.