Victoria Literacy Connection
Children and Youth Literacy Programs

Children and Youth Literacy Programs

VLC adapts to your child’s learning needs through non-intrusive assessments and online and face-to-face learning options to support your child or youth.

PenPal Club↗

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1:1 Volunteer Tutoring↗

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eReading ↗

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Advantage Tutoring↗

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Reading Blast↗

Has been RE-SCHEDULED for February – May 2023

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Level B Assessments ↗

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Reading Blast

– In person, small-group program for struggling readers in Grades 3-5 (RE-SCHEDULED Feb 2023 – May 2023)

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E-Reading Book Club

VLC trained literacy volunteers facilitate secure online reading groups of up to 3 children each. Depending upon the reading and grade level (2-5), the sessions are held two times a week for a six week period. Each session is up to one hour. Children are encouraged to keep to their respective groups and to attend all sessions.

This program is open to learners from Greater Victoria (School Districts 61, 62 and 63). Learners can use desktops, laptops or tablets. We have observed that cell phone users do not have the best experience and may not be able to see fellow participants. Tutors will screen share an electronic version of the books during sessions, so there is no need for learners to have a copy at home.

You must register your child to reserve a spot. Follow us on Facebook or watch our homepage to see upcoming dates or contact our office.

Learners do not pay a fee as this program is subsidized, relying on public grants and private donations.

Child and Youth 1:1 Volunteer Literacy Tutoring (Reading, Writing and Math)

Children in grades 2 – 12, who need that extra support with schoolwork may benefit from this volunteer tutor program. We assess the child’s individual needs and pair them up with qualified and criminal background checked volunteers to support the children with their school work and general literacy issues.

45-minute sessions take place online or in-person on a schedule arranged with the tutor.

Learners do not pay a fee as this program is subsidized, relying on public grants and private donations.

If you are a service provider on the South Island that has clients who need literacy support, please do not hesitate to contact us for referral options.

Advantage Tutoring for Children & Youth

Available for learners who require more targeted approaches with regards to academics and addressing the anxiety many youth are experiencing. VLC’s qualified educators will identify gaps in students’ learning and develop individualized programs tailored to address these gaps.
Advantage Tutoring will provide two streams of Programs beginning Fall 2022:
Foundations Program: Grades 1-5 – focused on developing foundational skills and competencies in support of the learner’s school literacy and numeracy programs.
Boost Program: Grades 6-10 – focused on boosting skills and competencies in support of the learner’s school program in Reading, Writing, Math, and other school subjects.
Advantage Tutoring for French Immersion learners will be available upon request.

45-minute sessions take place online or in-person at the VLC office on a pre-agreed schedule arranged with the tutor.

$50/session for individual tutoring.

Funds raised through Advantage Tutoring go to support our subsidized programming.

Language Arts and Mathematics Diagnostic Assessments (Level B)

VLC provides diagnostic academic assessments on a fee-paying basis for children and youth in the Greater Victoria area. Assessments are administered by qualified Level B Assessors and identify gaps and learning deficiencies in Language Arts or Mathematics. This permits the parents to understand what level their child is at and in which field the child needs more support.

Please call the Victoria Literacy Connection office to schedule an assessment.

Fee: $160/assessment for either Language Arts or Mathematics.

Funds raised through these assessments go towards our subsidized programming.

A Little Word About VLC’s Role in Child and Youth Literacy in the Community

Victoria Literacy Connection is a piece of a very complex literacy puzzle in our community. We are strictly a literacy organization. VLC offers services for those who are in the “grey area”, meaning those who do not have a behavioural or learning challenge, but who simply need that extra reinforcement to advance their literacy skills, whether it be reading, writing, math or support them in their school work.

We evaluate each case individually and provide referral suggestions if the child or youth is outside of the scope that our volunteer and paid tutors can provide.

If your child has learning and/or behavioural challenges that go beyond VLC capacity, we would recommend contacting either the Learning Curve or Five Behaviour and Education Consulting Services Inc., which have staff to accommodate your child’s specific learning needs.