We have a new Child Literacy Coordinator!

Wendy Payne, who has a long history as a teacher, vice-principal and principal in Greater Victoria, as well as being a Literacy Coordinator for that school District, has become Victoria Literacy Connection’s new Child Literacy Coordinator. The programs under her responsibility are Noisy Kids Reading Club after-school program, volunteer 1:1 tutoring for children and youth who need extra support, paid Remedial Tutoring and Literacy Assessments.

If you have any questions for Wendy regarding literacy issues for children and youth from grades 2-12, please email: childco@victorialiteracyconnection.ca or call 250-385-0014.

For issues concerning adults, please contact our Adult Literacy Coordinator, Mary Ann Snowden. Email: adultco@victorialiteracyconnection.ca or call 250-385-0014.

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