Times Colonist Raised $20K for VLC!

Victoria Literacy Connection’s preceding organizations, Literacy Victoria and Victoria READ societies, had been supported by the Times Colonist (TC) through their annual book sale for years. We are happy that despite the name change, VLC is still considered a partner in literacy worthy of the TC’s support.

This is a substantial amount of money for our organization and we are always grateful when we are invited by TC Publisher and Editor, Dave Obee, seen here in this picture, to come and pick up the cheque. By the way, Jack Knox took the picture while the Executive Director’s kids raided the candy bowl on Dave’s desk.

As you can see by the red sweaters, the cheque was happily received on Valentine’s Day! Once again, a big thank you to the community for their engagement in the literacy cause and to the Times Colonist for hosting this important fundraiser year after year.

If you want to support literacy, then please be sure to join the upcoming TC book drive (May 2020) and book sale.