Everyone in Greater Victoria has opportunities to acquire the literacy skills to function effectively in today’s society.


We help children, youth and adults improve their literacy skills, including reading, writing, and math, by providing tutoring and a variety of other programs.


We believe that:

    • • Literacy is essential for the well-being of children, youth, adults and the communities in which they live.
    • • Learning occurs most effectively in a safe, caring environment that honours and addresses individual learning styles and needs.
    • • Skilled, experienced volunteers are integral to the services we deliver to the community.
    • • Successful literacy outcomes are achieved through collaboration with all the stakeholders involved in the learners’ successful paths.
    • • Program decisions should be based on the sustainability of effective services.
    • • It is important to measure and assess our services on an ongoing basis and adjust as necessary.
    • • It is important to ensure that meaningful programming responds to emerging and changing needs in our communities, and we must collaborate with other literacy partners to make literacy and essential skills accessible to all.